Monday, September 19, 2016


The next player getting a “missing” 1972 In-Action card is Cincinnati Reds pitcher Don Gullett, who was coming into his own at this time before injuries derailed a great career:

Gullett was coming off of a 1971 season that saw him go 16-6, leading the National League with his .727 winning percentage, while also posting a very nice 2.65 earned run average over 35 games, 31 of which were starts.
This would pretty much be the norm for him, as he would go on to post excellent winning percentages, although surely aided by the fact that he played for very good teams during his shortened nine-year career.
A member of the Cincinnati “big Red Machine” champions of 1975 and 1976, he then moved on to sign with the New York Yankees, going 18-6 in his two season with the champion “Bronx Zoo” teams in 1977 and 1978 before arm injuries ended his career at the very young age of 27.
In those nine seasons Gullett was a dependable winner, finishing 109-50 for a spectacular .686 winning percentage along with a nice 3.11 ERA.
It’s amazing to think that Gullett was a member of six World Series teams in nine years before retiring.


  1. This would have had to have been a high number card as the Reds didn't start wearing those uniforms until the start of the 1972 season.

  2. Don Gullett started the opening game of the World Series three years in a row - 1975, '76 and '77.

  3. Nice looking card. You will have to make an addendum to your first booklet

  4. Gullett being in 6 World Series teams in 9 years is amazing in this modern era! I always figured Reggie Jackson had the market cornered with him being on 5 World Series teams in 7 years but Don's stat is every bit as impressive!



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