Thursday, July 7, 2016


I don’t know how I forgot THIS highlight in baseball during the decade, but at least I remembered and created a card for Nolan Ryan’s fourth no-hitter, which tied him for the Major League record with the Dodgers’ Sandy Koufax:

On June 1st of 1975, Ryan went out and no-hit the Baltimore Orioles 1-0, with light-hitting Dave Chalk driving in the game’s only run in the third inning.
That sole run was more than enough as the Orioles just could no do a thing against the “Ryan Express”, as Ryan struck out nine batters while walking “only” four.
Sadly for Ross Grimsley and Wayne Garland, they lost out on a nicely pitched game as they allowed a single run on nine hits while walking only one, with Grimsley getting tagged for the tough loss.
Ryan was in his stud prime in 1975, yet little did anyone know that he would go on to pitch another EIGHTEEN YEARS before giving his golden right-arm a rest!
324 career wins, 5714 strikeouts, 61 shutouts and SEVEN no-hitters, with TWO of them pitched after he turned 42!
Just ridiculous, stupendous, astonishing.
I remember being at a Yankee-Rangers day game some time in 1989 or 1990, and just hearing his grunts after every pitch, with the ball looking like a PEA, just amazing!


  1. Crazy that Topps didn't make a card for this, especially since there was a card for his his third (shared with other no-hit pitchers) the year before.

    1. 1975 Topps had a "Highlights" subset (so they could show the no-hitters) and 1976 had a "Record Breaker" subset. Even though, they could have made a 1976 Record Breaker card for Ryan because 4 no-hitters broke the A.L. record of three by Bob Feller. It is not as if Topps was strictly going with records for major stats only, like Aaron's career RBI record, or Stennett's hits in a game record. They had some funky ones, like Bonds' 30-30 club/Leadoff HR records and Seaver's 200+ K consecutive seasons record.

      The only rationale I can think of is all of the 6 Record Breaker cards in the 1976 subset were for Major League records, not A.L. or N.L., so maybe that is why Nolan did not get a card for this (although giving a Record Breaker card to Mickey Lolich for the career K's by a lefty seems like a similar qualifier).

      Anyway, the silver lining is that not having a Ryan Express Record Breaker freed up space for the Kurt Bevaqua Bubble Gum Blowing Champ card :)

  2. The Ryan Express.....The 8th. Wonder of the World..



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