Thursday, July 9, 2015


Today we revisit my 22nd Trivia set from Halloween, 2013. Take a stab and see what you can get. I'll post the answers tomorrow...

1. What reliever received the most points in MVP voting during any one year in the decade?

2. Two players share the low-mark for 1st place M.V.P. votes among winners during the 1970's, one in the A.L. and one in the N.L. Who are they?

3. In the 1970 American League Cy Young voting, the fourth place finisher had just as many 1st place votes as the winner, Jim Perry, with six, more than even the second and third place finishers. Who was he?

4. Who was the only unanimously voted Rookie of the Year winner during the decade?

5. What pitcher managed to finish in second place in the N.L. Cy Young race in 1977, then finish in second place in the A.L. Cy Young race two years later in 1979?

1. Sparky Lyle, New York Yankees. 158 MVP points in 1972.
2. Jeff Burroughs, Texas Rangers in 1974 and Keith Hernandez, St. Louis Cardinals in 1979 (co-winner with Willie Stargell). Both had only 10 first place votes.
 3. Mike Cuellar, Baltimore Orioles.
 4. Carlton Fisk, Boston Red Sox. 1972.
5. Tommy John, Los Angeles Dodgers in '77 and New York Yankees in '79.

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  1. ****All Super-Spoilers below*****

    1) I chose what I thought was the obvious answer (1974 Mike Marshall). Nope. Mike had the 2nd most MVP points for a reliever in the 1970's.

    2) OK Here we go. I picked 1978 Jim Rice for the AL (mostly because I think Guidry got robbed so Jim could not have had a high number of 1st place votes - I was way off). Plus it was a silly guess because the AL had move voters starting in 1977 (28 versus 24) because of the Mariners and Blue Jays starting that year. If I thought of that aspect I would have guessed the "correct" answer since he was my second choice. I put "correct" in quotes because of what went on in the National League for this question. For the NL, I thought it was a good guess to go with 1979 because Stargell and Hernandez tied for the MVP. However I chose to guess that Keith had LESS 1st place votes and make that my answer. This is where it gets confusing because given the answer of the AL portion of the question, Hernandez has the same number of 1st place votes as the low AL guy, BUT Keith has MORE 1st place votes than Stargell (who somehow only had 4 1st place votes but still tied Hernandez's 10 1st place votes) in total MVP points. So, in trying to figure out the actual answer to the question which was "Two players share the low-mark for 1st place M.V.P. votes among winners..." meaning the winner = the guy with the most 1st place votes for the current year. In that case, Hernandez (my original guess) would be correct. BUT, when I was actually answering, I thought the question was the lowest total of 1st place votes for any WINNER OF THE MVP AWARD (which would actually be Stargell), and therefore, my guess of Hernandez is incorrect. So I am right and wrong at the same time with the same answer.

    3) I totally guessed on this one. I remembered that Diego Segui led the AL in ERA in 1970 (thank you 1971 topps AL ERA leader card)...alas Diego had exactly 0 Cy Young points. So this question was a major fail.

    4) I chose what I thought was the obvious answer (1975 Fred Lynn). Nope. Fred came the closest to being unanimous without being unanimous. Some clown gave Jim Rice 1/2 of a point.

    5) I was trying to figure out some good pitchers that would have been in the NL in 1977 and the AL in 1979. I could only think of Rich Gossage and was 99.9% sure that he was the incorrect answer. Well I was right about that last part (that Gossage was the wrong answer). I had the correct team (1979) but the wrong player.

    So I am back to my normal with my 0.5 - 4.5 (really 0-5) performance.



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