Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well today we come to one of the most popular players ever to play ball, and his induction to the Hall of Fame, Mickey Mantle.
Here's the card I came up with:

I think the shot works well with the template, no?
Mantle is one of those guys I really don't think we need to get into as far as his accomplishments on the baseball diamond. It'd be kind of like a joke to start writing about his career since it would take up a book's worth.
But alas, 500+ homers, a bushel of World Championships, three Most Valuable Player Awards, and the hearts of more fans than we can even imagine to this day.
"The Mick" in all his glory, enshrined in his rightful place in Cooperstown, along with his longtime buddy Whitey Ford in the same HOF class.
Not too bad a Hollywood script...


  1. That's a $20 card right there! Very nice card Gio.

    1. Agreed. A very unusual angle, not something you see often on a card--I'm not sure I'd like it as a regular card, but for the Hall induction special, it's perfect. Especially for a guy photographed as frequently as Mantle.

  2. Funny, as soon as I saw the card I thought "Hey that works well with that design." And it really does. Nice to see a pic that isn't used for every other Mantle throwback.

  3. So when you said that Whitey and Mickey got voted in to the Hall the same year it seemed strange because they retired at different times. But Whitey got in on his 2nd try. So I took a look at the 1974 vote. It was tough voting back then...Eddy Mathews made his first appearance on the ballot and only got 32% of the vote!!! Duke Snider got 30% on his 5th try (he got in finally in 1980). The other guys with over 50% of the vote were Robin Roberts (2nd year on ballot, got in 1976), Ralph Kiner (12th year on ballot, got in 1975), Bob Lemon (10th year on ballot, got in 1976) & Gil Hodges (6th year on the ballot, never got into Hall). Gil is one of those guys that needs a Player/Manager category in the Hall (Being a major part of the Dodger "Bums" and the manager of the "Miracle Mets" is too much to be ignored by the Hall. I thought Joe Torre was one of those player/manager guys too, until he got voted in as a manager.



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