Thursday, July 16, 2015


This week we revisit my 23rd trivia set from November 7th, 2013. See if any of them ring a bell, and I'll post the answers tomorrow, as usual.

1. Who was the only team to have four players drive in 100 or more runs during the same season, and what year was it?

2. Who quietly won 20 games for the Yankees in 1978, easily being overshadowed by Ron Guidry's Cy Young performance?

3. What Major League season saw only four players reach 100 or more runs scored for the year, a low mark for the decade? Coincidentally all were from the same league:

4. What season in the 1970's saw the most players hit 40 or more home runs?

5. What player recorded only 74 runs scored in a season that saw him collect 200+ hits, the lowest total in the decade?


1. 1977 Red Sox: Jim Rice, Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton Fisk and Butch Hobson.

2. Ed Figueroa. 20-9.
3. 1971. All four from the National League: Lou Brock, Bobby Bonds, Willie Stargell,  and Ralph Garr.
4. 1970- Six Players: Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, Billy Williams, Frank Howard and Harmon Killebrew.

5. Willie Montenez. 1976. He had 206 hits while only scoring 74 runs..

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  1. I got 3 out of 5 this week. Some spoilers below.

    1 - I got this...I must have just known it because it came to me right away.

    2 - I got this...growing up a Yankee fan in the 1970's, this was easy.

    3 - I almost got this...The key to almost getting this was the hint about "all [four] were from the same league". I remembered that Don Buford scored 99 runs a few times (he never reached 100) and I was pretty sure he led the AL one time. I knew it was in the early 1970's but I was off 1 year with my guess.

    4 - I got this...I knew a few guys hit 40 HR during the particular year (Howard, Yaz, B.Williams) and I figured there were others I could not think of, so I guessed it and it was correct.

    5 - I did not get this...I guessed Garvey here because he had so many 200 hit seasons...but no. I absolutely love the guy that is the correct answer...very flashy. I got to see him pretty regularly on TV for a couple years during his time with the Mets.



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