Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Here's a nice looking "missing" In Action card for the 1972 thread I've been running: a Rusty Staub example:

What makes this card interesting, as many of you already know, is that Staub didn't actually have ANY cards in the 1972 (or 1973) sets.
So a while back I designed a "missing" 1972 stock card for him, and here we have the "In Action" compliment.
Also, the irony that the in-game action is against the Mets doesn't escape me, since Staub would actually become a New York Met because of a trade in April of '72.
When I designed the "missing" 1972 Staub a while back, I created two, one as an Expos player, and the other as a Mets player.
For the in-game action, I went with him as an Expo, mainly because of the nice shot I found.
As for Staub himself, the man is generally underrated and forgotten outside of New York (and maybe Louisiana), considering he totaled over 2700 hits, 290 homers, 1450 runs batted in, 1100 runs scored, and just under 500 doubles.
A six-time all-star, he put together a borderline Hall-worthy 23-year career, and excelled for every team he played for: Astros, Expos, Mets, Tigers and Rangers.
Seeing that the most support he ever received for the Hall was 7.9% in 1994 is a bit disappointing, to say the least.


  1. You could complete the 1972 Rusty grand slam and create one of those beautiful "Traded" cards...those are always fun. And for a bonus challenge, maybe a Childhood Photo card of Rusty down on the Bayou.

    Tidbit: Rusty had 500 hits for 4 different teams.

  2. ^^^^^ Like!

    Rusty was very underrated in his time. He made good teams better.

  3. It looks like Gio already did an Expos and Mets card for the 1972 set. But a Childhood photo card would complete the set!

  4. Perfect -- although an unexpected 'missing' IN ACTION card in my opinion.

  5. Love the card you've created ! I always wondered how Staub could have no card in this set and Jim Maloney, who didn't play in 1972.....DID ! Rusty should have had at LEAST one card in this set and 2-6 would have made more sense (Reg Issue, In Action, Traded, Boyhood Star, All Star and it would have been great if he was in the BACKGROUND of another players card w/photobomb ! )



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