Thursday, May 21, 2015


Thursday trivia time, and this week we'll revisit my 15th trivia post from back in 2013.
Answers tomorrow, as usual…

1. Who was the only N.L. Pitcher to win 20+ games in a season while posting a winning pct of .800 or better?

2. In 1970 this player hit 40+ homers for the third consecutive season, becoming the last to do so until Jay Buhner in 1995-97. Who was it?

3. What teams stole an incredible 341 bases in a season during the decade, with no less than eight players topping 20+ steals?

4. In 1971 this player hit .283, good for his second highest total in his 17-year career. That was 78 points LOWER than his career high of .361 ten years earlier. Who was it?

5. While Ron Guidry posted the highest winning percentage for a season during the decade in 1978 (25-3), the second highest percentage among pitchers who qualified also achieved this in 1978, finishing second behind "Louisiana Lightning". Who was it?


1. John Candelaria: 20-5 in 1977.

 2. Frank Howard, who hit 40+ home runs three years in a row: 1968-70 for the Washington Senators.
3. The Oakland A's of 1976, lead by Bill North with 75.
4. Norm Cash, Detroit Tigers.

5. Bob Stanley, who went 15-2 for the Boston Red Sox, good for a winning percentage of .882.


  1. I actually got #2 and #4 correct this time (small miracles). Here are some tidbits/hints/SPOILERS:

    1) This answer (pitcher) had the top winning %, won 20 games AND led the NL in ERA. He still came in 5th(!!) in the CY Young voting.

    2) This answer (player) was by far the best player on his team over the time period (1968-1970). Only 1 other player hit as many as 40 total HR for the 3 years combined. The second best hitter on the team at that point was the manager.

    3) This answer (team) has 2 characteristics that are very indicative of the particular Organization during the era. First, two of the players with 20+ steals had less plate appearances than games played (i.e professional pinch runners). Second, five of the players with 20+ steals were gone from the team the next season (all 8 were gone within 2 years).

    4) This answer (player) was the original poster boy for having a great seasonal Batting Average during an expansion year (.361 in 1961). He was followed in 1962 by Tommy Davis (.346 - although his great season lasted thru 1963 also in a sort of expansion hangover); in 1969 by Cleon Jones (.340 - with a career avg of .281); in 1977 by Rennie Stennett (.336 - next highest avg in a full season was .291); in 1993 AND 1998 by John Olerud (.363 & .354 - never batted higher than .302 in any other full season).

    5) This answer (pitcher) played in (and contributed greatly towards) Guidry's 25th victory. Ironically, had he pitched better (by allowing no runs and finishing his inning) and everything else in the game stayed the same, HE would have gotten the win and would have TIED with Guidry for the best Winning % in the decade...not to mention reversing the fortunes of the 1978 Yankees and devastating one 9 year-old youngster in Toms River, NJ (i.e. me).

  2. 2 frank Howard
    3. A's
    4. Norm cash



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