Thursday, May 14, 2015


Time for another week of 1970's baseball trivia. As this week we'll revisit my fourteenth trivia post from 2013.
As usual, the answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. Oddly enough, the top two high water marks for runs scored by a player in a season for the 1970's happened in the same league, same year. Who were the two players?

2. What American League player had the highest stolen base total for a season during the decade?

3. Who was the only player to lead the A.L. In triples three times in the 1970's?

4. The same player who topped the American League in runs scored for the decade also lead in total doubles for the same time period. Who is it?

5. Who was the only player to lead his league in runs three consecutive years in the 1970's? And what years were they?


1. Billy Williams (137) and Bobby Bonds (134): 1970.

 2. Willie Wilson, Royals: 83 in 1979.

3. George Brett, Royals: 1976, 1976 & 1979.

4. Amos Otis, Royals: 861 Runs and 286 Doubles.

5. Pete Rose, Reds: 1974 through 1976.


  1. 1) My guess for the #1 guy was wrong so my year was off, and hence my whole guess was off. Tidbit (spoiler hint): Out of the 10 Runs League Leaders (#1 for each season) only 2 of them did NOT have at least 50 games as the leadoff or #2 hitter in the lineup. One of those two non-top-of-the-order guys led the decade in runs (single season).

    2) I thought I had this one, but alas, my guy had the 3rd highest total for AL SB leaders from decade. Tidbit (spoiler hint): The Team of the AL SB 1970's leader produced 3 different players that led the AL in Stolen Bases that decade.

    3) Two players came to mind. I was leaning toward one of them. It was the other guy, so wrong again. Tidbit (spoiler hint): I started tallying the AL triple leaders at 1970 and went up from there. By the time I got to 1977 both of my guesses (and a third mystery guy that happened to be my incorrect guess from question #2 back to haunt me) were tied with 2 each. It was decided in the last 2 years of the decade.

    4) Once again Two players came to mind. They ended up being #2 & #3 on the AL 1970's Runs Scored list and #6 & #7 on the AL 1970's Doubles list. So not bad, but wrong again. Tidbit (spoiler hint): The Leader for SB & 2B for the 1970's was prominent in my tidbit for question #2, as he also ended up with the third most stolen bases of the decade for the AL.

    5) This one I got correct, but only because I noticed it while I was checking the answers for question #1. So, you know, I cheated. Or MAYBE I can chalk it up to having "learned" the information prior to the question coming along...similar to when you are playing Trivial Pursuit all summer and you get the same question twice and somebody says "Hey You already had that question!" and I reply "Yeah, but right now I do know that G.K.Chesterson wrote the Father Brown crime stories!!!!", or something like that. Tidbit: I guess I need to make my guesses for all of the questions before checking the answers for each. Tidbit2: To come full circle, the correct answer to this question was my incorrect guess for question #1 that got me rolling on my ineptness.

  2. Great questions and equally great answers. Didn't realize Willie Wilson had stolen that many bases in '79. Brett had a monster year too yet the Angels beat them out for the division crown that year.

    Also, I know a lot of folks make fun of the "Tequila Sunrise" unis of the Astros from the mid-to-late 70's but the one shown above is hideous. Those early 70's threads look almost cartoonish.



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