Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Thanks to blog reader Tony, I got the bug in my ear to design a 1976 Mark Fidrych card since he took the baseball world by storm that season.
So take a look at the end result:

Now, I'll be the first to admit that there was no way Topps could have foreseen Fidrych and the phenomena that was about to ensue.
He wasn't exactly the hot prospect when the '76 season opened, but by the time the all-star game was about to be played, Fidrych was everywhere, and everyone was talking about him.
We all know the story: how he ended up starting the all-star game, how he won 19 games and led the league in earned run average, how he was given the nickname "Bird" and the antics he displayed on the mound.
Sadly we also know how his career was derailed because of injuries, how he was never able to make it back successfully, and how years later he was tragically killed in an accident at the young age of 54.
But the "Bird" legend will always be around, and for those of us lucky enough to have witnessed it, it was incredible.
His 1977 Topps card is STILL one of my all-time favorites solely because I feel it captured that "thing", that personality he had, as a character that comes along all too rarely.
Here's to you Mark!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Gio. Always liked the Tigers color scheme for the 76 cards. It would have made a great high series card or 1T for the 1976 Traded series.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing--they could have done a Fidrych card that year if they were still doing series.

      Anyway, that's a beautiful card. Great photo, great colors. Well done!

  2. Wow!! That's great. Now about a 1975 Tony C. With the redsox

  3. I had to come back and look at this one again. Perfect card.

    Also. was this photo from the 76 All Star game? It looks like Rod Carew at first base and the right field corner at Veterans Stadium in Philly.

    1. As far as I can tell it is the all-star game with Carew back there. I found this image and KNEW I had to use it!
      And yes, I have Tony C. in my cross-hairs for a card (or two) in the future! ;)

    2. Yes. A card. Or two. 1975/1976 carryover. For Tony C.!

  4. Absolutely awesome! Yes Tony. It looks like an all star game performance. I see Rod Carew in the background... Mark Hoyle. A Tony Conigliaro "missing card" is a must do for Mr. Giovanni!!!



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