Sunday, September 21, 2014


Here's another one of those Topps mysteries as far as card/player selections go: 1975 Bill Parsons, (#613):

The guy appeared in only four games in 1974, good for 2 innings of work, yet somehow got a card the following year out of it.
On top of that, those four games would be the last of his Major League career. (See below)
Parsons had a decent first two years on the big league level pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers in 1971 and '72.
His 1971 debut had him finish in second place (behind winner Chris Chambliss of the Indians) for American League Rookie of the Year, as he posted a 13-17 record with a 3.20 earned run average, four shutouts and 139 K's in 244.2 innings of work.
His 1972 season was almost as good, going 13-13 with a 3.91 E.R.A., two shutouts and 111 K's over 214 innings.
However, his 1973 season was cut short, as he was only able to play in 20 games, good for 59.2 innings and a 3-6 record with a bloated 6.79 E.R.A.
I came across an interesting article on parsons on ESPN a while back. Click the link if you want to read up on the curious reason as to why his career went downhill I a hurry:

This card is odd because Parsons was traded to Oakland in June of 1974 for Deron Johnson, so you'd think there was time for Topps to get a shot of him in an Oakland uniform.
But as you can see, all Topps did was airbrush him (in that oh-so-fine 1970's style) in all that Oakland technicolor.
On top of all that, in the beginning of December, 1974, Parsons was actually purchased by the St. Louis Cardinals, so even his Oakland airbrush job was already outdated.
Just another one of those quirky Topps' jobs of the mid-70's…

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  1. Just read the link about Bill Parsons Reading it makes that baseball card come to life. This was one of the cards in the set that pictured a player, usually airbrushed, in one uniform only to read the back to find out they were traded to another team... 1975 Bob Oliver was airbrushed as an Oriole. He only spent a few weeks with the team. When you turn the card over, it tells you that he was traded to the Yankees.



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