Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Here's another one of those "I found a nice photo and I'm gonna use it" deals: a 1973 "missing" Buzz Capra card.
Take a look:

Admittedly I can understand why Topps didn't have a card for Capra in their 1973 set, as "Buzz" only appeared in 14 games for the Mets, good for a 3-2 record with a 4.58 E.R.A. over 53 innings of work in 1972.
However there ARE guys who played less in '72 that were included in the '73 set, so what the heck, why not?
Besides, Capra is one of those interesting guys from the decade that had this ONE very good year, and that's it.
In 1974 Capra came out of nowhere and posted a 16-8 record with five shutouts and a league-leading 2.28 earned run average for the Atlanta Braves.
Those numbers got him some attention, as he finished ninth in Cy Young voting as well as 20th in M.V.P.
Sadly for him (and Atlanta), arm troubles derailed his career and he only played parts of the next two seasons before one last hurrah in 1977, appearing in 45 games, mainly in relief, and posting 139.1 innings before calling it a career.


  1. Nice!
    Keep the missing Mets coming

  2. I recently discovered this site. I want to let you know that I really enjoy it. I was an absolute nut over baseball cards during the 1970's. I have complete sets of Topps baseball cards from 1971-1979 in pretty good shape. When I went to college in the mid 1980's, my future wife and I would go to card shows and upgrade my childhood collection. I can't tell you, nerd that I am, how much I enjoy your "Missing Cards" from the 1970's baseball card sets. Example. I grew up a Baltimore Orioles fan and I never saw a Reggie Jackson Orioles card because he left for free agency after the season. Ken Holtzman was in the Reggie trade and you never see Oriole Holtzman cards because he was traded to the Yankees by June 15th in the huge trade that year. In 1977, Dave Criscione was called up for a cup of coffee and had a few key hits which I still remember. He never appeared on a card that year. Tom Shopay was on that team the whole year and never got a card. As a matter of fact, Shopay's last card was in the 1972 set even though he played in the big leagues thru 1977! I could go on and on but I just wanted to let you know and thank you for waking up the little boy in me again. Keep the missing cards coming.

    1. Hey. Thanks so much for this comment! Really is nice to see all the other baseball card "nerds"! ;)
      Baseball & card collecting has really been the one constant thread throughout my life, which at times was about as ridiculously insane and chaotic as could be.
      I am seriously going to have to create some cards for Shopay! And Criscione if I can find a usable image!
      If you come up with any other players I haven't tackled yet, just let me know!

  3. Well Giovanni... You have opened up a Pandora'a Box! I will definitely keep you busy with "missing card" candidates! Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  4. Definitely can make the argument that he was "missing" in the 1974 set as well.



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