Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hey everyone!
The weekly trivia set is posted below, as usual for Thursdays.
But I also just wanted to give a small "heads up" as to what I have in store for the blog.
After an incredibly fruitful week or so, I find myself about a month ahead.
That is, I have the next month of posts already completed and ready to go!
While I'll be continuing the threads I've been posting such as "Then and Now", "Missing in Action" and "Highlights of the 1970's", I've also started some really cool new threads.
Some of the new ones: "Nicknames of the '70's" (fun cards of the more "colorful" nicknames of the decade), "M.I.A. - I.A." (designing 1972 "In Action" cards for a lot of the stars that didn't have one in the set), and I just started kicking around a yearly "missing" sub-set through the decade celebrating the players inducted into the Hall of Fame the previous year, which is awesome since it gives me the chance to work with all-time players from decades-past.
I've even been finding a ton of random photos of players through the 1970's that would make for a great "Odds and Ends" thread, like Topps used to do in the 1950's and 1960's.
So thanks for keeping up with the blog up until this point, and I hope you all keep on reading in the months to come!

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