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Well, after almost six months of seeing a weekly post regarding my imagined sub-set, "1975 Topps Cy Young Award Winners: 1951-1974", we have finally come to the last post, the 1974 winners: Jim palmer and Mike Marshall.
Take a look at my card design:

As with my 1972 post, I had to first create a new card for Marshall (Like Steve Carlton in '72), since his regular 1974 card had him as a Montreal Expo.
So I designed a new card showing Marshall as a Dodger, for whom he went on to win the award with in 1974.
Take a close-up look at my redesigned 1974 Mike Marshall card:

And for those who forgot what the original looked like, here you go:

Marshall came to Los Angeles and just put in a season for the ages, as he appeared in a (still) Major League record 106 games, all out of the 'pen, leading the league with 21 saves and 83 games finished.
The man posted 208.1 innings pitched IN RELIEF! Just incredible!
For the season he posted a record of 15-12, with a 2.42 earned run average and 143 strikeouts, not only giving him a Cy Young Award, but a third place finish for Most Valuable Player as well.
Over in the American League, it was a tremendous season for Oakland A's starter Jim "Catfish" Hunter.
After finishing in the top-5 for the award the previous two years, he took it home in 1974 by posting a 25-12 record along with a 2.49 E.R.A.
The wins and earned run average led the Junior Circuit, and he also led the Oakland A's to their third consecutive World Championship, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers and cementing their place as one of the powerful dynasty's in baseball history.
It was the fourth of five consecutive 20-win seasons for "Catfish", his last coming the following year in his first campaign with the New York Yankees.

Well, this was one heck of a thread. Fun to design the cards and write up some of the original information I gathered from the SABR article dating back to 1993 regarding "What if" Cy Young winners between 1951 and 1966.
Since John Hogan and his blog "Cards That Never Were" already did such an amazing job with this same idea put to Rookies of the Year, I'll have to scrap that idea and perhaps apply it to something else.
We shall see what I can come up with…maybe World Champions?
Keep an eye out…


  1. How many other Cy Young winners had cards of a different team when their Cy season began? I can think of Fingers 81 and Hernandez 84.

    1. The only other guy I can think of after 1974 is Rick Suttcliffe in 1984, but that was updated in the traded set later on...

  2. How about redoing the 1979 all time leaders? Or do the 1972 in action cards that should have been? As a Tiger fan it sucks having back up catcher Tom Haller (in a Dodger uniform), and Billy Martin represent the team.

    1. You know, your idea for "filling in" the 1972 "In-Action" sub-set is brilliant! I think I'll go through the '72 checklist and see who the "worthy" missing players are and rectify it.
      Thanks! Keep an eye out for it in the near future!

  3. Doing the World Series MVPs could be fun. And I'd suggest making it a different year for a different design--maybe '79 just to you can get more cards in! (I'm so greedy.)

    Another thought that occurred to me was to do "League Leader" cards for stats that weren't around or important at the time--WAR, OPS, and so on. Could be fun.



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