Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Getting back on track after jumping backwards to 1972 last time, today we look at the next League-Leader card that features solely future Hall of Famers: the 1974 E.R.A. leader card ( #206) featuring Jim Palmer and Tom Seaver:

A classic to say the least!
Arguably the two best pitchers in their respective leagues for the decade, we're looking at six Cy Young Awards, twelve 20-win seasons, and SIXTEEN league leads in the "Triple Crown" categories!
1973 was a banner year for both starters, as they each won their league's Cy Young and finished in the top-10 for Most Valuable Player as well.
Palmer's line read: 22-9 record, 2.40 E.R.A., 6 shutouts and 158 K's, while Seaver's line was equally as brilliant: 19-10, 2.08 E.R.A., 3 shutouts and a league-leading 251 K's.
By the time these two hung up their spikes, it was just a formality before they were inducted into the Hall of Fame, with Palmer going in in 1990, and Seaver following him in 1992 with a record 98.8% of the ballot (tied by Nolan Ryan years later).
It's funny to focus on the fact that some baseball "writers" felt they were both not worthy of induction their first year on the ballot and didn't vote for them!
Five schmucks left Seaver off while an astonishing 33 left Palmer off!
Seriously, what can you say about that? Just absurd…

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