Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Once again it's time to visit with a card that demands some answers as to why the player depicted copped a slot in a set when he didn't even play in the big league in YEARS.
Today we look at Mike Ferraro and his 1972 card (#613).
Four at-bats in 1969, a card in 1972.
What gets me is that at the time this card was issued, Ferraro last appeared in the Major Leagues in 1969 with the Seattle Pilots, and ONLY in five games, good for four at-bats and zero hits!
In the years between those at-bats and this card, he was in the Minors playing for Rochester, Triple-A team for the Baltimore Orioles.
I'll admit, he had some solid seasons up there in Rochester, but why did Topps feel the need to give Ferraro a spot on that awesome 1972 set?
Four at-bats three years ago does not warrant a card in my book, unless you're some highly touted prospect/rookie.
Turns out Ferraro played a pretty full season in the Majors in 1972 for the Brewers, but then that was it, career over as far as big league playing time went.
For the season, Ferraro appeared in 124 games, good for 381 at-bats and 97 hits, which translates to a .255 batting average while playing third and short.
Funny enough, after seeing some full-time work in 1972, Topps didn't even go and give him a card in 1973!
So four at-bats in 1969 gets you a card in 1972, but 381 at-bats in 1972 doesn't get you a card in '73?!
Awesome! I love the thought process here…
By the way. For you younger kids out there (and by "kids" I mean those of you in your mid 40's), you'll remember Ferraro from his managerial days in Cleveland in 1983 and in Kansas City in 1986. 
Now it may seem that I'm really slagging Topps for having guys like this on cards, but really I DO love these cards! It's part of what makes card-collecting so fun!
It keeps the likes of the Ferraro's (or Raich's, or Fife's, or Geddes') alive years after their playing days were over, and I'll just never get tired of looking these guys up when I come across their cards.


  1. Have you thought about making a 1973 card for him?

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