Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I've always known that I'd get to THIS card at some point.
What was Topps thinking by using an image of Roberto Clemente obviously pissed at a strike call on his 1972 "in action" card (#310)?!
I've always tried to stay clear of those "in action" cards since so many of them are RIDICULOUS, but this one needs my attention.
Take a look at what Topps threw out there:
Really?! This is the "action" photo Topps went with?
Seriously? Of ALL images to use, THAT'S what they went with?
I'm sure Topps had at least ONE image of Clemente running the bases, or fielding his position, or even swinging the bat, no?
Clemente's "regular" card was also an epic "fail" as far as images are concerned, and I redesigned it a while back on this blog. 
I would actually go as far as saying that the best Clemente card in the 1972 set was card #226 World Series Game Four with him leading off a base. Nice photo on THAT one, even with the ass that's making an appearance on the left side of the frame. Take a look:

Nice photo here (except for the ass on the left).
Nevertheless, allow me to redesign that "in action" card here:
Classic Clemente right here!
At least there's some "real" action going on, right?
I'm not going to start messing around with those "in action" cards from 1972, but I WILL admit there may be a Hall of Famer or two that I'll 'fix" in the future.
stay tuned…

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