Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Sure, we have seen custom fantasy cards created for Dave Kingman’s crazy 1977 season created before, even San Diego Padre editions.
But I had to create and add them to my own collection of customs, so here goes:

I plan on creating four different 1978’s for the former slugger, one for each of the teams he played for that 1977 Summer when he played for teams in each division of both leagues. Just nuts.
Kingman was coming off a 1976 season that saw him miss his first home run title by one when he slammed 37 homers for the New York Mets, just behind Philadelphia Phillies slugging titan Mike Schmidt.
Nevertheless, the Mets were about to clean house so to speak when they’d trade Kingman to the Padres, only to have the California Angels select Kingman off waivers some three months later, then to have the Angels trade Kingman to the New York Yankees nine days later for the September stretch run.
Throughout all of that, Kingman put in a decent year with all the havoc, hitting 26 homers and driving in 78 runs, hitting .221 over 132 games and 439 at-bats.
Of course, he’d find himself with the Chicago Cubs in 1978, on this way to hitting 48 homers in 1979 for his first home run title, then back to the Mets for three more seasons including his second homer title in 1982 with 37, before finishing up his career with three straight 30+ homer seasons with the Oakland A’s before retiring abruptly after a 35 homer campaign in 1986.
I was always fascinated with the three straight 30+ homer seasons followed by a sudden retirement, as I thought it was bad-ass of him to have done that when he clearly had some years left in his career, possibly en route to 500.
But as it was, he left the game with 442 homers, with the aforementioned two home run titles and a wacky 1977 season that made him the only player to ever play in all four divisions over the course of one year.


  1. Very cool. I'm especially looking forward to seeing your '78 Topps version of Kingman as a member of the Yankees.

  2. Man, that's a GREAT picture of King Kong, especially considering he was only a Padre for 56 games!

  3. I like it too. Can't wait for both the Angels and Yankees versions. Was that photo used for his Hostess card (albeit with airbrushing)? As for his retirement, Kingman did not just up and retire. When he played out his A's contract, he became a free agent. No one signed him until the Giants took a shot midway through the '87 season. When Kingman struggled in the minors, he then decided to retire. Kingman would later play in the Seniors league soon after until it folded.

  4. I'd love to see the one with him on the Angels. I would imagine that picture could be a white whale, being that he was only there about a week and a half.

  5. I was a huge Kingman fan when he was with the Mets. I was actually happy to see him back in NY three months later with the Yankees, but was then disappointed that they couldn't include him on the postseason roster as they acquired him too late in the season.

  6. I was a fan of his, and loved it when he came to the Padres.

    If I'm remembering correctly, he didn't retire voluntarily.

    I believe the A's let him go after he gave a present to a reporter in Oakland; when they opened the box, it contained a dead rat. So the A's released him, and no one else would touch him.



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