Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Let’s go and give long-time catcher Rick Demspey a “not so missing” 1973 card to help fill-out his incredible 24-year run in the Majors:

Dempsey appeared in 25 games for the Minnesota Twins during the 1972 season, hitting an even .200 with eight hits over 40 at-bats.
It was already his fourth taste of the Big Leagues at just 22 years of age, initially up during the 1969 season as a 19-year-old when he saw action in five games.
Of course, we know know that he would go on to play in four decades, playing 24 years between 1969 and 1992, mainly for the Baltimore Orioles, as well as short stints with the New York Yankees, Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers.
Never a full-time player, he was an important platooning or “off the bench” catcher that would be a part of two World Championship teams (1983 Orioles and 1988 Dodgers), even taking home the 1983 World Series MVP when he hit .385 for Baltimore in their win over the Philadelphia Phillies.
By the time he retired, he ended up with a career .233 average, with 1093 hits in 4692 at-bats over 1765 games, while also being a huge jokester cracking fans up along the way.
I’ll always remember his rain-delay act with over-stuffed uniform as he “slip and slid” across the tarp while with the Orioles some time during the early-80’s.
Great career.


  1. Fantastic card! I remember him from his many years as catcher of Baltimore Orioles of my youth when the Oriole Way meant something... Thanks for reminding me of his rain delay performances!

  2. Great looking card. I always remember him for the rain delay performance. TWIB and Saturday game of the week, what a great time to be a kid watching baseball. I had no idea that he played for 24 years, hats off.

  3. Looks like a high-number card, for sure. Nice!



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