Saturday, January 13, 2018


Today we take a look at another airbrush job from the 1976 Topps set, Lee Lacy, who was traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Atlanta Braves:

Always fun to see that Topps’ airbrushers would only cover-up just enough to get the image on a card.
You can see that they cropped the image literally without a tenth of an inch to spare before the “Dodgers” across the front of his jersey would have appeared at the bottom of the card.
Funny enough Lacy would return to the Dodgers during the 1976 season, then go on to play all the way up to the 1987 season, putting in some really solid seasons well into his 30’s when he’d hit as high as .335 at the age of 32, then .321 in 1984 at the age of 36.
I always remember him and Juan Beniquez as a couple of guys who suddenly seemed to hit their stride in their 30’s, putting up some impressive seasons in the 1980’s.
Lacy would end up retiring with a very nice .286 batting average over 16 years in the Majors, being a part of the World Champion 1979 Pirates, while playing in three other World Series, all with the Dodgers.


  1. I find these posts fascinating. It's interesting how the Braves blue is translucent (or perhaps just a thin layer of paint) and in the better quality photo it becomes more apparent that the white shoulders are just unpainted Dodger jersey, and the same appears to be true for the blue on his cap.

  2. Interesting insight on Topps. Went to a Braves vs. Dodgers game in 1974 and saw Lee Lacy play when he was just starting out with the Dodgers. For some reason he stands out in my memory.

  3. Could always of the reasons that he did come into his own until later is that the Dodgers and Braves never really gave him a full-blown opportunity to be a regular.

  4. Lacy would have been an excellent full time DH if he spent more time in the AL.

  5. By the way, while the glowing uniform leaves a lot to be desired, this is one of the best airbrush cap jobs I’ve seen from topps. The logo is very realistic looking.



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