Sunday, January 14, 2018


Time to finally go ahead and re-do the 1972 Frank Howard Topps card, though it’s no fault of Topps since they were dealing with The Washington Senators relocating to Arlington, becoming the Texas rangers. But hey, all the years later we are graced with photos that can make it all happen:

Howard would only end up playing a part of the 1972 season with the Rangers, before finding himself in Detroit, where he’s end up playing the last season and a half of his Major League career with the Tigers.
An absolute beast at the plate, he would be the last Big League player until Jay Buhner (1995-97) to hit 40+ homers three years in a row from 1968-1970, with a high of 48 in 1969, though leading the league in 1968 and 1970 with 44.
He was also one of the early players to join the 30-home runs in each league club, hitting 31 with the Dodgers in 1962 before reaching the plateau again in 1967 when he slammed 36 taters.
All told, he finished his career with 382 homers over 16 seasons, before moving on to a coaching and managerial career, making him somewhat of a baseball lifer.
I loved him when he was with the New York Yankees later in his coaching career! I mean, how often do you get to appreciate a guy who was so nasty as a player that he had TWO great nicknames: “The Capital Punisher”, and “Hondo”!


  1. Wow! Excellent job. Which Ranger is next?

    1. Could you make it the subject of a new series? Something like the "Expansion Do-Over" without the "Expansion"?

  2. Nice looking card! I'm one of those who felt that Topps should have included Rangers Spring Training photos in their late series cards; or they could have saved more of the Rangers cards for the late series with photos in their Spring Training duds. Those blank red hats were ridiculous.

  3. Man. I had to do a double take... An authentic Rangers uniform in 1972 Topps. Nice!

  4. You should put a copy of the actual one and everyone will see the quality of your version!



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