Saturday, July 29, 2017


Today’s “Turn Back the Clock” card celebrates those two straight magical days in September, 1968, when Gaylord Perry no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals, only to have Cardinals pitcher Ray Washburn return the favor the very next day:

Of course, being the “year of the pitcher”, anything regarding pitching feats was possible (can you imagine if Koufax was still playing that season?!), but two straight no-no’s? Just amazing!
On September 17th, Gaylord Perry faced none other than pitcher of the universe that season, Bob Gibson.
But it would be Perry to come out on top that day, (helping to explain just HOW Gibson could have lost nine games that year), allowing only two balls hit out of the infield that day, winning the game 1-0 on a home run by none other than Ron Hunt in the first inning!
Perry walked two, while striking out nine on his way into the baseball record books, collecting his 15th win of the season and lowering his earned run average to 2.46.
Not to be outdone, and with the National League pennant already in the bag for the Cardinals, Ray Washburn took to the mound the very next day and kept the Giants hitless himself, though walking five batters.
Curt Flood and Mike Shannon each drove in a run, giving Washburn all the offensive support he needed that historic day.
What is amazing is that he lowered his ERA to a sparkling 2.28 to go along with Gibson’s incredible 1.13, yet the Giants losing pitcher that day was none other than Bobby Bolin, who allowed two runs to the Cardinals, “ballooning” HIS ERA to 1.96!
Again, the “year of the pitcher” indeed!
Imagine getting to see that season unfold! Wish I could have...

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  1. Thanks for a great card and a great story. I did see this season, but didn't fully appreciate it at the time. In retrospect, it was quite the season. I met Bobby Bolin in a private gathering at a friend's home in the 80's and he signed his 69 card for me, no charge!



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