Saturday, August 16, 2014


You can't talk baseball nicknames of the 1970's without talking about Reggie Jackson.
Jackson was already a star when he brought his talents to the Bronx, that's for sure.
A member of the Oakland A's dynasty of the mid-70's, the man was already a three-time world champion.
However, after the 1977 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Reggie cemented his baseball legacy, and one of the all-time most recognized nicknames was born: "Mr. October".
Take a look at my "nickname" series card design for him:

"Mr. October". 
About as classic a nickname as you can get in baseball. 
I still remember the awe that swept over me as I saw the man hit three homers, on THREE PITCHES, in that World Series game.
He seemed like a God playing with boys.
It was colossal. It was other-worldly.
It was Reggie-freakin'-Jackson, "Mr. October"!


  1. Excellent work, excellent concept.

    I remember thinking Reggie was such a big mouthed prima-donna in the mid 70's. But then he hit those 3 homers in the '77 WS, and I thought : Mr. Jackson, you can act any way you want. Its one thing to talk the talk, another to walk the walk.

  2. Nice card. Remember that moment well

  3. Really love these cards . . . and your blog in general.

    I have to ask - what font did you use for the "Mr. October"? I've been trying to perfect a 1978 Topps template, but I just can't get the font right.

    1. Hey! Thanks...
      The font is called "Brush Script", and I used the "STD Medium" version. If you can't find it online (it's usually free), I can send it to you. It's actually NOT the exact font Topps used that year (no one seems to have it- I Think Topps created it themselves).
      Before I decided to use "Brush Script", I was even tracing whatever letters I needed from '78 cards and putting it together to spell out "Mr. October". And THAT got tired real quick!!! ;)

    2. Awesome - thanks for the information, and I agree about trying to trace out the letters. I tried it too, and quickly went on to other things!

    3. We card makers should make a message board or something where we can exchange info like fonts. Font searches are always something that slows the process. I'm sure we could share other tricks too.

      Once again, permission to use the Reggie on my cardblogthing (it's really a bloog) with a plug and a link. Might be posting tonight so thanks in advance.



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