Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Here's an absolute classic airbrush job Topps executed in 1975 for one of the most "vibrant" team uniforms in Baseball history: a 1975 (#355) Chris Cannizzaro card in technicolor Padre-yellow!
Man! You think Topps stocked up on the mustard-yellow paint for this card or what?
(Un)funny enough, Cannizzaro never even played in 1975, as his Major League playing days were over by the end of the previous season.
But what I don't understand is that he actually played in 26 games with San Diego in 1974, so why wasn't Topps able to snap off a shot of him in Padre yellow for his 1975 card?
I tell you, the guy doing the airbrushing job here did a thorough job, as I cannot tell at all what uniform he was actually wearing in the photo before they painted it. Usually you can see some part of the original photo peeking through.
Man, dig that crazy mustard uniform!
As for Cannizzaro, here's a little trivia: he was actually an original New York Met in 1962 as well as an original San Diego Padre in 1969, becoming the very first Padre player selected for an all-star game the very same year.

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  1. The worst of several bad Padres airbrush jobs over the years. Why didn't they just use an earlier shot from the Padres? Also, how did he not have a card in '73 after 200 at bats with the Dodgers and still being with them in '73?



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