Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is one of those cards I remember clearly as a kid since I bought TONS of 1978's when they came out and memorized each and every card in the set: #303 Sam Hinds.
Thing is it wasn't until many years later that I realized this player's Major League days were already over with by the time I was pulling his cards from packs.
Funny. You see certain cards over and over again as a kid and just figure that the player is still out on the field, playing in the Majors and on his way to a "career".
It's a good thing the harsh reality of it all doesn't set in until much later on in life!
A decent cup of coffee in 1977, and that was it.
Hinds was actually a late round draft pick in 1971 by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 35th round, but went on to college instead, pitching for Broward Junior College.
Once he graduated, he then signed as an undrafted free agent with Milwaukee in 1974 and made it up to the Majors in 1977, appearing in 29 games for 72.1 innings, sporting an 0-3 record with a 4.73 E.R.A.
Sadly for him, that was it, as he pitched in Milwaukee's Minor League in 1978 (Spokane AAA) and 1979 (Holyoke AA) before hanging them up.
A single stat line on the back, plain and simple, and a Topps baseball card for all of eternity.
Good for you Sam!


  1. Would love to see 1979 Craig Skok (Braves) on a "We hardly knew ye!" post! It seems every pack my friends and I bought in '79 had a Skok.

    1. Ha!! I remember that card clearly!! I just may have to fit that one in asap! Thanks!

  2. Another Brewer pitcher from the same year, Gary Beare, falls into this category. I never heard of the guy but I must have had 10 of him in 1978.



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