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Next up for the all-time greats of the Negro Leagues is one of the, if not THE best double-threat “Bullet Joe” Rogan, who some consider the greatest pitcher in the Negro Leagues’ long, rich history:

Casey Stengel once claimed Rogan was, “one of the best, if not the best, pitcher that ever lived.”
According to some records, Rogan won the most games in Negro Leagues history, while ranking fourth all-time in career batting average!
Consider these numbers: 116-50 career win-loss record, along with a 2.59 earned run average, as well as an incredible .338 batting average. Just amazing numbers.
In 1924, the man would hit .395 while going 18-6 on the mound, leading the Kansas City Monarchs to their second title, then going on to defeat the Hilldales of the Eastern Colored League in the very first Black World Series.
The following year, all he would do is post a record of 17-2 while batting .381, once again leading the Monarchs to a league title, though he would injure his knee before a rematch with Hilldale in the World Series, in which the Monarchs lost in six games.
Historian Phil Dixon compiles all of Rogan’s stats in all league play over his 23 years and has him at over 350 games won with over 2000 strikeouts, while also collecting over 2500 hits with 350+ home runs and over 500 stolen bases!
Just an amazing pro career that needs further appreciation, though the ultimate compliment would come Rogan’s way in 1998 when Cooperstown came calling, inducting him into the Hall of Fame, joining the other greats of the Negro Leagues that also deserved their place in those hallowed Halls.

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