Tuesday, May 3, 2016


After closing out a Hall of Fame career as a pioneering player during the 1940’s and 1950’s, Larry Doby continued to serve baseball well into the 1990’s.
So here’s a card of his time as coach for the Chicago White Sox in 1977, before he was actually to become the second black manager in Major League history the following season:

Doby actually started his coaching career with the Montreal Expos in the first season, 1969, and would serve in one capacity or another with the organization until 1973 before returning in 1976 after coaching with the Cleveland Indians in between. (keep and eye out for an Expos coach card in the near future).
Once former White Sox owner Bill Veeck purchased the White Sox again in 1976, Doby was brought in to act as hitting coach, where the White Sox would have some impressive offensive seasons under his mentoring.
He would remain with the organization until 1979 before resigning and becoming the Director of Communications for the New Jersey Nets in 1980, a position he would keep until 1989.
All in all a great career in professional sports for one of the better power hitters of the Golden Age of baseball during the 1950’s.

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