Sunday, March 13, 2016


Here’s an airbrushed card that isn’t so terrible, but has me mystified as to why Topps needed one in the first place: the 1975 Jim Perry card:

You can see the Detroit Tigers uniform he had on in the photo, and the clever “spot-airbrush” on the cap by covering the Tigers’ logo with the Cleveland “C”.
What puzzles me is that Perry pitched the entire year with Cleveland, appearing in 36 games (all starts), with a whopping 252 innings pitched.
So why no photo of him as an Indian for the card?
Very strange don’t you think?
He also did very well for the Indians that season, posting a 17-12 record with a 2.96 earned run average and three shutouts.
It would be the last solid year of his excellent 17-year career before he retired after the 1975 season.
I wonder why there was no photo available for him in the 1975 set as an Indian.


  1. It really isn't a mystery to me. The people at Topps were obviously lazy. Things haven't changed, I'm sure. If you or I were in charge, there'd be none of this nonsense.

  2. Agree. Not sure if it was lazy as much as cheap. Sy Berger was notorious for going through the couches in the Topps offices looking for loose change.

  3. I checked the game logs and the explanation might be even simpler. In 1974 Perry only pitched once against the Yankees in NY (where Topps shot most pics) and that was on 9/21. he was gone after 3.2 IP, so there really wasn't a lot of time for them to shoot him in action. Couple that with the fact that the Topps guys were notorious for not shooting games late in the season, which is why we saw a lot of waiver trade or late season call up guys with airbrushed cards the following season. They also shot most of their pics during day games and the only day games vs the Yanks in NYC (at Shea in '74) were opening day and that Sept 21st series.

  4. His 1974 card was airbrushed, too.

  5. His '74 card was airbrushed as a Tiger but here is a Tigers picture airbrushed as an Indian. Why didn't they just use this picture for his '74 card and come up with an Indians picture for the '75 card. Weird



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