Monday, September 16, 2013


Today I want to take a closer look at the stellar airbrushing job on Curt Motton's 1972 Topps card (#393). 
After five seasons as a fourth outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles, Motton was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers on December 9th of 1971, just in time for Topps to try and get him into the correct uniform for his 1972 card.
What they ended up with is the card shown below:

Dig the bouncer standing guard behind him!

Love it! The "neon-y" purple-blue cap with that crazy "M" goes oh-so-well with the airbrushed Orioles uniform that oddly turned into what looks like a Detroit uni.
And to top the photo off we have that anonymous figure behind him who was also airbrushed (except for his orange stirrups), standing guard like a "V.I.P." bouncer at some bad club in Midtown Manhattan.
What I love best about the airbrush job was the added effect of shadowing on the "M" logo, giving it that "jumping off the card" look.
I gave an "A" for effort on that one!
I just cannot get enough of airbrush jobs that make the finished product look like it's actually a sticker that was placed on top of the card.
Here's a little funny coincidence related to this blog: In his career, Motton was traded for two of the three "Reynolds" pitchers I profiled a while back, Bob and Archie.

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  1. They REALLY had problems with the Brewers hats didn't they?



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