Friday, May 31, 2013


I "kind of" already started this idea with the Steve Garvey 1973 post earlier ("What Were They Thinking!?": Part I), but I wanted to also start a series where I finally get to re-do a bunch of cards of STAR players of the 1970's who were shafted with terrible photos.
I'll never forget how much it sucked when the new cards were out, and you pull a star card out of a pack only to look at the picture and think, "this sucks!"
That '73 Garvey was definitely one of them, and here is another one from that horribly photographed set: #255 Reggie Jackson.

"WHAT THE...?!?!"

Come on Topps!? This is Reggie Jackson and the best photo you have for him is one where he looks like he's trying to squeeze a watermelon out of his ass while doing the "funky chicken"?! Jeez...
And look at the background! I can't really make it out, but I swear it looks like the entire top part of the image is a person in shorts bending over towards the right. Am I correct? Ugh...
Anyway, please allow me to recreate this card with a better image, showing Jackson approximately around the same time. (Only so many photos I have access to). Enjoy.

"Do-Over" #1

So from here on in, I'll have the "What Were They Thinking" series for terrible cards of common players, where I won't be recreating the card, and this series, "Gimme a Do-Over" which will focus on STAR cards that I WILL recreate with better photography.

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