Friday, September 30, 2022


The next OPC image variation we spotlight here on the blog is Del Unser’s 1977 card, which as all other Montreal Expos players, had OPC going the extra mile for their Canadian players with a different image than Topps’ offering:
OPC Version

Topps Version

Nothing terribly earth-shattering here, just a different posed image that some may consider clearer/cleaner.
Unser put in 15 years in the Majors, coming up with the Washington Senators in 1968 and finishing up with a four-year run with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1982, giving him his one taste of a World Championship in 1980.
In between he also played for the Cleveland Indians in 1972, a first term with the Phillies in 1973/1974, the New York Mets in 1975/1976 and Expos 1976/1978.
All told, he finished with a .258 batting average, with 1344 hits over 1799 games, with 87 homers and 481 runs batted in, with the highlight (besides the championship) would have to be his record setting three consecutive pinch-hit home runs in July of 1979, for which I always remember his “Record Breaker” 1980 Topps card as a kid.


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