Saturday, July 9, 2016


Once I really became a “baseball nerd”, where I recognized player faces to the point of ridicule by my friends, I always stared at the 1977 Topps Dave Collins card, convinced it wasn’t actually him on that card.
It wasn’t until years later that I found out for sure, and that it was Bobby Jones and NOT the former speedster that was staring out onto the field on that slab of cardboard released when I was eight-years old:

Literally decades later, with the advent of the wonderful World Wide Web, I finally got to see some correct images of what should have been on the card, putting to rest the little mystery that bugged me for so long:

Getting back to the actual card, it’s funny to see Topps did an airbrush job on a player that never actually played, or even SIGNED with the Mariners organization.
I can’t tell if Jones was in a California Angels uniform, the team he played for the previous season, or the Texas Rangers, for whom he played in 1974 and 1975.
From the back of his uni (or jacket?), it seems to point to the Angels but I can’t be sure.
Either way it was also fun the see that Jones put in a long 20-year career of professional baseball between 1967 and 1987, even playing two years in Japan in 1978/1979.
Thanks to these modern days of information at our fingertips it’s fun uncovering all these little facets of card collecting and players from my childhood!


  1. For some reason, I always loved the 1978 Collins card - it's in the shadows, sure, but there was always something about it that looked cool - at least it did to a 4th grader who has never stopped looking at the 1978 set through 11-year old eyes...

  2. You should recreate the Collins card as it SHOULD have been with that airbrushed photo. I also noticed that it wasn't him so I must have been a baseball nerd too. ;-)

  3. That's actually the Angels jacket that Jones has on. It was dark blue with a red graphic of the State of California on back, a star where the team was located in So Cal and a yellow halo placed at a jaunty angle at the top. As for the card, I remember pulling this one and wondering when Dave Collins has an afro.

  4. i didn't know that it wasn't collins on the topps card, but here's his 1977 o-pee-chee card that got it right.

  5. I KNEW it, based on what Collins looked like in his 1976 card.



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