Saturday, July 23, 2016


Thanks to Tony L, who sent me an image of a sheet he was keeping an eye on at an auction site, I was able to gawk and appreciate the Topps method of organizing their sheets, allowing for final cutting and packaging so they could land in our young, grubby hands:

Just fantastic to see the colors, the way the tops of some make the bottoms of other and so one, allowing printers to have their cuts lined up with ease (even though the 1975 set was notorious for miscuts and diamond cuts).
I notice the Reggie Jackson card, which was actually an uncorrected error card since he was supposed to be on a yellow-and-red template as an all-star, but perhaps it was done because of lack of space in the running lay-out? This has been a mystery for me for the past 40 years or so! Anyone have an answer?
I also spot one of the best cards of the decade, the Bill Sudakis card, second to last row, third from the right. Just a phenomenal card as far as photo, color and composition!
I also see some key cards in the set like Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose and Jim Palmer along with no less than five team cards and five of the league-leaders sub-set, which feature Steve Carlton, Ryan, Catfish Hunter, Rod Carew, Mike Schmidt, Johnny Bench and more.
A gorgeous explosion of colors worthy of anyone’s wall, though I would worry about fading hanging up in a frame like that.
I’ll be looking into some more posts focusing on uncut panels and sheets of interest, hope you like the idea.
Thanks again Tony!


  1. I would love a sheet like this, except I'd also worry about fading or other damage...

    ...which makes me think I wouldn't hesitate in buying a *poster* of an uncut sheet of 1975. (Hint, hint, Topps...)

  2. OH! I see the dreaded Bruce Ellingsen card in there as well! Fifth from the bottom, second from the left. I pulled so many of these cards out of packs back in '75. That card still gives me nightmares today.



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