Monday, July 11, 2016


A great big THANK YOU to Tony L. for snagging me one of these awesome Pete Rose commemorative posters celebrating his Topps cards as a Cincinnati Reds player (and manager)!
A very nice addition to my collection!
The event looked like a great time, wish I could have been there...maybe this will lead to to Cooperstown for "Charlie Hustle"?
Time will tell...
Thanks again Tony! Much appreciated!


  1. With all due respect Gio, Pete Rose lost my respect as a young Yankee fan when, after the 1976 World Series, he was photographed wearing a Yankee cap and displaying two thumbs down. Two seasons later, he berated Gene Garber for stopping his hitting streak by " not challenging him". Years later admitted wrongdoing to Commissioner Giamatti, then tried to recant after his death. Great ballplayer...Bad guy.

    1. I hear you, and agree the guy wasn't exactly "endearing", but to be honest I have long ago let go of what a guy did (or does) on the field and whatever idiocy they do as a "person". Heck, I wouldn't like half the guys out there (and that goes for LIFE as well!) ;)
      A ton of these "Type-A" personalities are really arrogant pricks, seems to go hand in hand frequently.
      Me? I'm a "Type-Z personality! Ha!

  2. Interesting that they chose the 1979 Record Breaker instead of his standard card. I wonder's a nice card, but I don't see anything wrong with the regular one.

    1. It IS odd, especially since that 1979 regular card is awesome!

    2. I think it was because Rose's hitting streak was the #1 story line during the 1978 summer. It is all anyone talked about.

  3. You're welcome ten times over G. So glad you like it. This blog has become my daily respite from the grind of work and life in general. I appreciate the love and passion that goes into your work. For me its also a brief return to a much simpler time in our lives.

    As for Mr. Rose, he is a very unique character. As a native Cincinnatian he represents the work ethic of the region but also the sometimes rough-around-the-edges part of our local culture too. Love him or hate him, you can't deny the effort he gave every day, every at-bat and every pitch. It is sorely missed in today's world of sport.

    As for the poster, that's a good question about the choice of cards for the '79 one. Maybe because he was actually with the Phillies that year was the reason. The Record Breaker card was for his hitting streak in 1978 as a Red.

    The "Pete Rose Weekend" was very well done. Friday was the reunion of the 1976 Reds, Saturday was Pete's induction into the Reds Hall of Fame (Poster given away that day) and Sunday was the retirement of number 14. It was a tremendous weekend for Pete and the city. I believe this was a compromise that allows Pete to move on and hopefully ends the chatter about him getting into the National Hall. I think it brought some closure to a long 26 year story.



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