Thursday, June 25, 2015


Let's revisit my 20th trivia set from October 2013.
See how many answers you can get before I post them here tomorrow.

1. What relief pitcher posted an amazing season in 1979 which saw the following numbers: 13-5 record with 29 saves, a 1.57 e.r.a. And 136 strikeouts in 143 innings?

2. Ironically enough, the only two players to hit over 40 homers in one season while failing to drive in 100+ runs were teammates and accomplished this feat in the same season. Who were they, and what year?

3. On a similar note: Hank Aaron was tied with another player with the lowest amount of runs batted in with anyone hitting 30+ homers in a season during the '70's, with 77. Who was the other slugger?

4. Who was the only catcher to post double digit numbers in doubles, triples and homers in the same season during the decade?

5. This pitcher had a respectable 14-13 record for the last place Mariners with a 3.77 E.R.A. and two shutouts in 1979. However the following year he ended the season with a 1-16 record with a 7.28 E.R.A. Who was it?


1. Jim Kern, Texas Rangers.

2. Hank Aaron and Davey Johnson of the Atlanta Braves in 1973. Aaron hit 40 homers with 96 R.B.I.'s while Johnson hit 43 homers with 99 R.B.I.'s.
3. Rick Monday, Chicago Cubs. 1977. He hit 32 home runs with his 77 runs batted in.
4. Darrell Porter, Kansas City Royals. 1979. He had 23 doubles, 10 triples and 20 home runs.

5. Mike Parrot.

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  1. 1) I saw the answer before making my guess - but I always liked Jim Kern. He was nasty. He was an example of a reliever that just dominates, but is used too much and is not nearly as effective anymore. Jim had a couple of decent years after that (1981/1982) but nothing at all like 1979.

    2) I got this one. I was pretty sure Hank Aaron did not have 100 RBI in 1973 because I knew he had less than 400 ABs that year while hitting 40 HR!. I am actually surprised he had that many RBI (96). Then of course I knew the three 40 HR guys from the 1973 Braves (Aaron, Johnson & Darrel Evans). I took an "educated" guess that Davey would be the one that did not have 100 RBI. Darrel only had 104 so it was close. It (kind of) makes sense that they would all have a tough time reaching 100 RBI since they were always coming to bat with the bases empty since they were each hitting so many HRs.

    3) I guessed Davey Lopes for this one (thinking of his 30 HR in 1977, when 4 Dodgers had 30 HRs) and since he was a leadoff hitter he HAD to have a low RBI total. I was 1/2 correct. He did only have 53 RBI (Yeah!!!), unfortunately he only hit 11 HR (Booo!!!)...My memory failed me again. The 4 Dodgers that hit 30+ HR in 1977 were Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Dusty Baker and Reggie Smith. Rick Monday only hit 15 in 1977 for LA. He hit his 32 the year before while still with the Cubs. He was traded in the off-season in a deal that sent Bill Buckner to the Cubs.

    4) Somehow I knew this one...I guess at some point I stumbled across the fact that Porter had double-digit triples in 1979 and never forgot it because it was so fascinating.

    5) I totally guessed Mike Parrot. Mostly just because I pictured his dark sunglasses on his 1979 topps and figured he must have been good at some point to think he could get away with that.



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