Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Back in August I posted a bit about former player Jack Heidemann, who transformed from "clean-cut" young athlete, to wild man of the '70's, BACK to clean cut man over the course of three cards (1973 #664/1975 #649/1977 #553).
I also mentioned in the post that in reality, he SHOULD have had a card in the (awesome) 1976 set since he appeared in 61 games for 145 at-bats for the New York Mets in 1975 while playing various infield positions.
It's enough to get a card in my book since Topps went and gave some other players a card for a lot less playing time the year before (Stan Perzanowski anyone?).
Well today I present to you my design for the "missing" Heidemann card:
Still a wild man in '76!
Would have made a nice added "step" in the Heidemann transformation I wrote about earlier, as he still has the flowing locks and facial hair that would disappear the very next year on his 1977 Topps card.
Besides, it would also have been his only NY Mets card, and in 1976 those Mets cards looked great because of the color scheme!
Hopefully for all of you "completists" out there like me, you'll enjoy this virtual addition to the 1976 set.

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