Friday, November 1, 2013


Jim Palmer had a decent run of nice cards throughout the 1970's, especially (for me) his 1979 card which I profiled just last week on this blog.
But take a look at his 1975 card (#335).
To use such a poor quality image of one of the best pitchers of the decade is quite the bummer.
I've always been a fan of that 1975 set because of all the color and action. Yet what Topps gave us was a card that had Palmer's face obscured because of this giant shadow across his face.
Just take a look. Come on Topps!
As issued by Topps in 1975. Dig the shadow across his face!

Pretty much anything would have been better than this. So today I'm posting up my own design for a 1975 Jim Palmer card.
But first, let's get reacquainted with what Topps issued way back when (Can't even believe it's already 38 years ago):

My "action shot" redesign.

A bit better no? Nice action shot of Palmer ready to come out of his wide open wind-up.
Classic Palmer right there!
Man. I'm sure it's because I really got into cards right around 1976/77 as a seven-year-old in Brooklyn, N.Y. But I STILL just love that run of Topps sets between 1975 and 1978.
Just fantastic sets with great colors and action shots throughout...

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