Monday, November 18, 2013


Sorry, a few days in England kept me away from a computer to keep up with the blog...
But anyway, today I offer up a couple of redesigns for the 1973 Topps Pete Rose card (#130), since the original issued card was not one of my favorites.
Call me picky, but to have a card of "Charlie Hustle" in his prime showing him looking up at what looks like a pop-up, legs twisted up like a pretzel is a bit lame. And let's not even talk about the empty seats in the stands out in the distance!
Ugh. Boring isn't even strong enough here!
What I did was design two versions: one of him leading off of first base, and one of him at bat following through on a hit. 
I tell you, as time goes by that 1973 set gets stranger and stranger the more I study it. Yet I must admit I AM loving it more and more as well!

An image of "Charlie Hustle" leading off of first base...

...and an image of Rose lacing a single to right field.

1973 ended up being Rose's only M.V.P. year, as he lead the league in hitting along with a career high 230 hits, while spearheading what was to become the powerhouse "Big Red Machine" to two consecutive world championships in 1975 & 1976.

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