Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Here's a card I've always loved: the 1971 Topps Roy White #395.
The cropping of this photo to the card design is perfect! It really looks like you're watching the game on a television set!
If I'm not mistaken this card was photographed at the "old" Yankee Stadium against the Tigers (?). Seems like all-star Bill Freehan catching behind the plate, no?
Beautiful card that goes well with the other three Yankee cards I've already profiled from this set: Thurman Munson, Ron Woods and Lindy McDaniel.

Perfectly cropped in-game action photo!
Here's a funny true-story from my life:
About 20 or so years ago I was a DJ here in NYC at some clubs like Limelight and Danceteria.
During that time I became friends with another DJ, Reade.
He was a really nice dude and we'd always shoot the breeze about music. He'd even visit me at the record store I used to work at in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan just to chill since he was a student at nearby NYU.
Anyway, keep in mind my baseball worship is worn on my sleeve so to speak, and I was always reading baseball magazines or listening/watching games, even at clubs sometimes!
Well, a few years after I was pretty much out of the music scene, I run into yet another former DJ and we start talking, and I ask him what ever happened to Reade.
After he tells me whatever he heard about Reade's whereabouts, he makes an off-handed remark about how I should have hit Reade up for free Yankee games back then.
Of course I then ask him, "Why?"
And that's when I found out Reade was Roy White's son.
Wouldn't you know it, I go looking at old Yankee yearbooks from the mid-70's with those player family photos, and THERE is little Reade with his dad, the New York Yankee.
Go figure...
Ya' think the kid would mention something like that to a friend who's a rabid Yankee fan?!

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