Monday, August 22, 2016


Here is a “missing” 1978 card that’s a last hurrah for former Oakland A’s player Rich McKinney, who came back to the Majors after missing a year:

McKinney was back in the big leagues in 1977, appearing in 86 games for the A’s, hitting .177 with 35 hits over 198 at-bats, which sadly didn’t translate into any more Major League action, closing out his seven-year career.
Up with the Chicago White Sox in 1970, he went on to play for the New York Yankees in 1972, then Oakland the final four years of his career, although he only played in 13 games in 1974 and 1975 combined before spending 1976 in the Minors, putting up some good numbers.
When it was all said and done, McKinney finished with a .225 batting average, with 199 hits in 886 at-bats over 341 games, with 20 homers and exactly 100 runs batted in and 79 runs scored.


  1. McKinney's 1970 season was good enough for the desperate Yankees to trade Stan Bahnsen for him, McKinney's failure to hit as the starting 3B for the Yankees led him to be traded as a throw-in to get Matty Alou. His 1972 and 1973 cards are amazing airbrush jobs.

  2. While Mr. McKinney played on two World Series Championship teams (A's in '73 and '74), he was not on the post-season roster and so he had to watch on TV like everyone else. Still, he can claim to have been 2 World Champ teams I guess.

  3. Rich didn't handle the NYC spotlight too well. In the 6th game of the 1972 season at Fenway, he made 4 errors at 3B leading to 9 unearned runs in an 11-2 loss. There is actually some rare video footage of him playing for the A's in a 1977 early season game at Yankee Stadium in a game that Stan Bahnsen pitched for Oakland. The same guy he was traded to Chicago for 5 years earlier.

  4. I never realized that Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III also played baseball!

  5. I never realized that Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III also played baseball!



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