Friday, August 5, 2016


Today I post a “missing” 1978 card for former pitcher Jim Crawford of the Detroit Tigers, who pitched 126 innings during the 1977 season yet didn’t make Topps’ cut the following year:

Crawford appeared in 37 games for Detroit, posting a 7-8 record, starting seven games and collecting one save with 91 strikeouts over the aforementioned 126 innings.
That’s a lot of play time to be left off the set in 1978, especially since his career wasn’t done yet, as he appeared in another 20 games during the ‘78 season, going 2-3 with a 4.35 earned run average in 39.1 innings pitched.
That 1978 would be the last of his five-year career, with the first two suiting up for the Houston Astros, and he would retire with a 15-28 record, along with a 4.40 ERA with 276 strikeouts in 181 appearances and 431.1 innings pitched.
Anyone have an idea why he was left off the 1978 set? 37 games and 120+ innings seems like a sufficient amount of playing time for a pitcher(?)!

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  1. This looks like it could be from the '78 Topps Tigers Burger King set. Any plans to make more missing cards for Jim "Catfish" Crawford? He needs '75 and '79 Topps cards.



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