Friday, January 22, 2016


Here’s a “missing” 1973 card for former outfielder Brant Alyea, who played out the fifth and final year of his Major League career in 1972 with two stints in Oakland and the St. Louis Cardinals in between:

Alyea played in 33 games during the 1972 season, starting off with 10 for the A’s before being traded to St. Louis where he’d suit up for 13 games, before being returned of all things BACK to the A’s where he would play the final 10 games of his career.
Alyea combined for a .180 average in 1972, with nine hits over 50 at-bats with a single home run while playing the outfield.
For his career, he ended up with a .247 batting average with 214 hits over 866 at-bats, along with 38 homers and 148 runs batted in. Not bad production for the limited play when you do the math.
His finest season was in 1970 while with the Minnesota Twins, when he hit .291 with 16 homers and 61 RBI’s in just 94 games and 258 at-bats.


  1. I remember when first seeing him on cards my friends and I had discussions as to how his last name was properly pronounced. One school of thought had it as 'Ahh-LEE' as in Muhammad Ali. The others thought it was 'al-YEAH'. Turned out that was the correct answer. And I just hit his page on Baseball Reference. Hid full name is Garrabrant Ryerson Alyea. That's a flat out awesome name.

    1. I had it completely wrong. For 35+ years I have thought it was "BRENT" instead of Brant and AYALA (like Benny Ayala from the 70's) instead of Alyea.

      I must have know of Benny first and then saw the older cards of Alyea later and just "saw" what I thought was "Brent Ayala" and never even noticed it the many time I have seen his name since.

  2. I wish I could print these "Missing in Action" cards...

  3. Had a great 1972 photoshopped card



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