Friday, January 15, 2016


Here’s a 1971 “missing” card for former third baseman Max Alvis, who closed out a nine-year career with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970:

Alvis played in 62 games during the 1970 season, his first not as a Cleveland Indian, for whom he suited up the first eight-years.
In 1970 he batted .183 with 21 hits over 115 at-bats, with three homers and 12 runs batted in.
However when you look at his somewhat short career, he put in some good numbers.
Of those nine-years, he played six  full seasons, and performed very well for the era.
In those six years he hit 17 or more homers five times, and was named to two all-star teams while getting some MVP attention in 1963, his rookie year.
Additionally that rookie year was pretty good, as he batted .274 with 81 runs scored with 165 hits, 32 doubles, seven triples and 22 homers along with 67 RBI’s.
Surprisingly enough, though he got some MVP votes that year, he didn’t garner a single Rookie Of The Year vote. Odd.
For his career, Alvis ended with a .247 average with 895 hits over 3629 at-bats in 1013 games, with 111 homers and 373 RBI’s.


  1. Anyone know what's up with that logo-less helmet. I recall a number of those over the early 70's. Were there batting practice helmets that perhaps did not have logos on them. The one that stands out in my mind is the 1973 card of Danny Walton. Looked for an image and found an interesting post him and the card and this very question. See:

  2. It looks like an old Seattle Pilots helmet. If you look closely at the helmet, you can still see some of the yellow that has flaked off.



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