Sunday, January 24, 2016


Here’s a “Dedicated Rookie” card for former all-star Pedro Guerrero, who at one point was one of the most potent bats in the National League in the early 1980’s while with the Los Angeles Dodgers:

As we all know Pedro appeared as one of three players on those God-awful black-and-white rookie cards in the 1979 set.
Since he went on to be such a monster of a batter in the 1980’s I figured he deserved a dedicated card.
Guerrero put together a very nice 15-year career in the big leagues, with five all-star berths and four top-4 finishes in MVP voting.
Between 1982 and 1985 he was a beast, racking up the MVP votes while averaging over .300 at the plate with three 30-home run campaigns, two 100-RBI seasons and even two 20+ stolen base showings to his credit.
Then when the Dodgers figured he was washed up, he moves on to St. Louis and puts in another all-star year in 1989 when he hit .311 with 17 homers and 117 runs batted in along with a league-leading 42 doubles, earning him a third-place finish in MVP voting.
By the time he retired after the 1992 season he finished with 215 homers and a .300 batting average with 1618 hits over 5392 at-bats.


  1. Alright! This is your first make-over for one of the 1979 Topps black-and-white, 3-player rookie cards. It looks good. However, Guerrero DID have his hair cut shorter on his original rookie card. Still, I'm happy.

    1. Hey Joe, every shot I found of Guerrero wearing #51 had him with more of a "poofy" haircut. What I found funny about this one (and why i used it) was because he's playing third! So he's listed as a 1B-OF AND is playing third. Brett who commented below saw it too!
      Didn't even realize this when I put the card together...

  2. A true "slash" player ... listed as 1B-OF on the card, with a photo of him at 3B!

  3. Well, Guerrero actually played three games at 3B in 1979. Also, his uniform number from 1978-79 was 57, not 51.



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