Saturday, May 16, 2015


Today I offer up a "Then and Now" 1974 card for former star player and manager, and baseball "family man" Felipe Alou.
Check out my design:

By 1974 Alou was wrapping up a very nice 17-year career that saw him top 2000 hits, 200 home runs and 100 stolen bases.
He'd only play three games in '74, with the Milwaukee Brewers, but I have him shown here as an Expos player, the team he was suited up for on his regular Topps card in the set. (Ignoring the awful Traded card as a Brewer he was airbrushed into).
During his career he'd top the National league in hits twice, runs once and total bases once.
His finest year would have to be 1966, when he led the N.L. in runs with 122, hits with 218, at-bats with 666, total bases with 355, while hitting 31 home runs, driving in 74 and batting a cool .327.
He'd end up fifth in MVP voting, and was named to his third all-star team.
After his playing days were over he'd coach and eventually manage in the Major Leagues, leading both the Expos and Giants to first place finishes (1994 and 2003 respectively) during his 14 years as a skipper.
Of course it's also worth mentioning that Alou comes from an incredible baseball family, as brothers Jesus and Matty, son Moises, cousin Jose Sosa and nephew Mel Rojas all got to play in the Big Leagues as well.
As a matter of fact, Felipe got to play with both his brothers, AND even go on to manage his son and nephew later on.
Pretty cool…

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