Thursday, May 7, 2015


Back to "Trivia Thursdays", so let's revisit the thirteenth edition of 1970's baseball trivia. It originally appeared here on this blog on August 29th, 2013.
As usual, the answers will be posted down below tomorrow.

1. Who were the only teammates to have 200+ hits in the same season more than once during the decade?

2. During the 1970's, who posted the highest single-season slugging percentage?

3. Three former or future Cy Young winners had a season that saw them LOSE 20+ games during the '70's. Who are the three hurlers?

4. While no one tallied 100+ extra base hits in a season between 1970-79, who was the only player to even reach 90 E.B.H. in a campaign?

5. Three different Cincinnati Reds pitchers lead the N.L. in winning percentage in consecutive seasons at some point in the 1970's. Who were they and what seasons did this happen?


1. Joe Torre and Lou Brock, St. Louis Cardinals, 1970 & 1971.

 2. Hank Aaron, 1971. .669

3. Denny McLain, 1971; Steve Carlton, 1973; Randy Jones, 1974.

4. Willie Stargell, 1973 with 90.

5. Wayne Simpson, 1970; Don Gullet, 1971; Gary Nolan, 1972.


  1. 1. Carew and Oliva
    2. George Foster 1977
    3. Perry, Jenkins, and McCormick
    4. Jim Rice 1978

  2. 1) in a million years I would not have gotten that one. Well maybe in a million years. Tidbit: <<>>> one of the years it happened was 1970. The same team had a 200 hit duo in 1979 also.

    2) My guess was George Brett in 1979 (I mistakenly thought it was his .390 batting average year, which was 1980). But his 1980 Slug% was still .005 points short of the decade leader. Tidbit: 1980 George Brett was the highest Slug% of the 1980's, so I was as close as you can get while still being 100% wrong.

    3) so I thought of 13 guys off the top of my head to varying degrees of correctness (all but 2 either lost 20 or won the cy Young). All three of the answers to this question were among that group (of course if I HAD to chooses 3 guys I think I would have only gotten one of them right, so 0 points for cheating. Tidbit One of the answers won a cy young both before AND after losing 20 games.

    4) Got this wrong guess had the 2nd highest total EBH (tied). My back-up guess came in tied for 4th. Tidbit: for the 1970's Extra Base hit league leaders, 1975 was the only year when both leaders were Hall of Famers and 1977 was the only year where niether leader was a Hall of Famer. All the other 8 years had exactly 1 HOF EBH league leader.

    5) For this one I get partial credit because I knew the years...but I got 0 of the pitchers. Tidbit: for someone who loves Baseball trivia as much as I do, I really stink at it. Maybe next week!!!

    1. Please feel free to do this every week! Especially the "tidbits"! Awesome! Glad I came back to the trivia (I've always been obsessed with MLB trivia)....



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