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"Mr. White Sox" Minnie Minoso: 1925-2015
Before I get on with today's scheduled post, I want to say it was sad news hearing that Cuban baseball great Minnie Minoso, the "Cuban Comet" passed away at the age of 89 yesterday.
Beyond the quirks of his Major League appearances in the 1970's and 1980's, the man was a legitimate star in the sport, and many may be surprised to see just how good he was during his playing days if they take a "refresher" and peruse his accomplishments on the baseball diamond.
Rest in peace Minnie, you'll be missed for sure...

Well, onto today's business...I've reached 700 posts.
And I can't thank you all enough for following all I put into this blog.
It's been too much fun and I like to think I'll keep right on rolling with it as long as there is material to cover regarding baseball cards and the 1970's.
As we all know, Topps only had five sets in the 1970's that had a 700th card, with the years between 1973-1977 having only 660 cards in their sets.
So with that in mind, let's go and look at the cards numbered "700" in the 1970-1972, and 1978-1979 sets shall we?

1970 Frank Robinson:
A decent-looking high-numbered card for the Hall of Fame slugger.
As boring as the 1970 set could be, it was loaded with all-time greats, so there was some "meat" on the bones of the set.
Nothing really awesome about the card, but certainly not the worst in the set by any means.

1971 Boog Powell:
Coming off of his MVP season, Powell was the man of the hour when this card came out.
A nice photo of yet another Orioles slugger with the brilliant blacl-border design Topps came out with for the set. 
One of my favorite sets of all-time.

1972 "In Action" Bobby Murcer:
Great card of Yankees outfielder Murcer sliding home against what seems to be the Chicago White Sox at the "old" Yankee Stadium.
Look at the crowd in the background waiting for the call! Awesome!
THIS is what all the "in action" cards of the '72 should have been like.

1978 Johnny Bench:
After a five year run of issuing 660-card sets between 1973 and 1977, Topps came out with a 726 card set in 1978, and boy was I happy about that as a nine-year-old kid obsessively collecting.
I don't know WHY I love this card so much, but I always have.
The mystic of Johnny Bench back then just made me look at this card like I was looking at a "God".
Just a nice photo of the all-time great catcher coming off the prime of his career, yet STILL a perennial all-star for the Cincinnati Reds.

1979 Reggie Jackson:
While I always prefer an action shot of a player over a portrait, this photo makes for a very nice card of "Mr. October" in the prime of his Bronx legend-making days.
I'm always a sucker for the "all-star" designation, and here we have a nice shot of reggie with "All-Star" emblazoned across the bottom (albeit with that annoying "Topps" logo to the left).
Nice card overall though.

I've already decided that if I do reach an 800th post (and quite honestly unless I drop dead it should happen!) I'll profile all the "final cards" of each set during the 1970's.
Would be nice to revisit each card that closed out the sets of the decade, no?


  1. Here's to 700 and 800! Your work and dedication is to be commended!

  2. Love reviewing the round numbers it's neat to see who the great players were as the decade passed.

    Maybe Señor Minnie should get his own card in 1976 Project.

  3. 700? 800?! Come on Gio! I'm waiting on number 1000!! I am a creature of habit and I want to tell you that when I get up in the morning, I check my earthlink account for messages, browse Facebook, and then head to your site to check out the latest.... Your "missing cards" always floor me... I'm sure I speak for many when I say "Thanks" for making me 11 years old again if just for awhile...



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