Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Today I wanted to take a look and spotlight a photo negative that was airbrushed and used on a 1976 Hostess card, the Jimmy Wynn card from the set:

Just interesting to see how they airbrushed “just enough” to get the job done, leaving the rest of Wynn’s Los Angeles Dodger uniform untouched.
I’m assuming this was from the same photo shoot that gave us his regular 1976 Topps set card as well, though THIS card seems to have been a better job! Go figure.
Those Hostess sets had some horrid airbrush jobs, and I may spotlight more of them in the future as I have come across more of the negative film used in the sets.
For Wynn, after a true all-star caliber season in 1974 with the Dodgers, his 1st for L.A., he ended up having a “decent” 1975 campaign, hitting 18 homers while driving in 58 runs, though he did walk 110 times giving him a nice .403 on-base-percentage.
For the Atlanta Braves, he’d put in one season where he’d lead the N.L. In walks with 127, while slugging 17 homers and driving in 66 runs, before a split 1977 season with the Milwaukee Brewers and New York Yankees which saw him hit .175 with a single home run, ending a very nice 15-year career that saw him hit 291 homers and get named to three all-star teams.


  1. Never collected Hostess, but interesting card and good subject. Jimmy Wynn was one of the first star players (along with Rusty Staub) for the startup Houston Colt 45's and had one of the better nicknames "Toy Cannon".

  2. It's interesting that Topps chose to airbrush Reggie Jackson into a Yankees uniform in the 1977 set but not Jimmy Wynn, as he was shown as a Brave. Reggie signed as a free agent on 11/29/76 and Wynn was purchased from the Braves a day later on 11/30/76.

    Wynn's time with the Yankees was fleeting. He had really lost it by that point - hard to believe it was the same player that 2+ years earlier had an MVP calibre season in LA.

    1. Wynn hit a home run to dead center field for the Yankees on opening day 1977. I was so excited I told my Dad I wanted to start a Jim Wynn fan club. He told me not to get too excited because he believed the "Toy Cannon" was nearing the end of his career and would probably not be a Yankee for very long. As was often the case, Dad was right.....again.

  3. According to Marty Appel, wynn's homer was a 450 foot shot. He was hitting .500 after a couple of weeks. It wasn't too crazy to thing the Yanks had found a gem.

  4. Jimmy Wynn went to Taft High School in downtown Cincinnati. He was a solid player for the Astros and Dodgers in the early to mid-70's. Not sure how he got past the Reds scouts but they had a pretty good group with Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson in the bigs and guys like Tommy Harper in the minors.

    Also, I love the comparison with the Topps negative. I am assuming that Topps did the artwork for the Hostess cards. I collected the Hostess cards as sometimes they were a type of traded card showing a player in a different uniform than the companion Topps card from that year.



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