Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The next category up for the 1960’s “seasonal Leaders” sub-set is runs, which were led in each league by two heavy-weights, Frank Robinson and Roger Maris:

Robinson could have easily led BOTH leagues in runs scored in a season for the decade, but in this case he paced the National League with his league-leading 134 runs in 1962.
What a monster year for the reigning N.L. M.V.P., as he also led the league in doubles (51), OBP (.421) and Slugging (.624) while also hitting 39 homers with 136 runs batted in!
And to think that was only good enough for fourth in the M.V.P. Race that year!
Over in the American League we had Roger Maris, who scored 132 runs in his record breaking 1961 season when he slammed 61 homers to set a new Major League mark.
Ironically it would be the only time in his 12-year Major League career that Maris would top 100 runs scored in any season, coming closest the year before when he scored 98.
Nevertheless not a bad combo here for this card!


  1. Nice card! Two greats. No doubt. Never was a Yankees fan, but always liked Maris. Excellent defensive player as well as a good hitter, playing center many times in place of the injured Mantle. Lived through the 61 season as a kid and followed it every day. Very exciting time.

  2. I am liking this 1970 subset. Maybe a good follow up would be league leaders for the entire decade (i.e. - run scored league leaders 1960 thru 69). Keep up the good work!



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