Wednesday, October 28, 2015


As if the 1976 needs any more hype as to how awesome it was/is, here’s another card that I’ve always thought was near perfect: Ray Fosse.
Just look at the colors, the action shot, that look on his face!
What a card!
I remember first seeing that card as a kid and thinking Fosse looked so mean, like a biker ready to block the plate and demolish whoever was heading his way.
LOVE this card!
So many of those Oakland A’s cards looked great because of the color scheme, like the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tiger cards as well.
As for Fosse, he put in a nice 12-year career that some say was derailed somewhat because of the famous Pate Rose collision during the 1970 All-Star game that left Fosse injured.
Many say he was never the same again.
Nevertheless, he played until 1979, being named to two All-Star teams and winning two Gold Gloves along the way before retiring after the 1979 season.

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  1. That sure is a good one. Once in a while it seemed like Topps really nailed an action shot and this is one of those.

    I know some of my Indians friends cite that incident as a major setback for the team but I remind them of some of the blundered trades in that period also. He still had solid numbers in 1971 and 1972 and was still one of the top ranked defensive catchers in the league. They traded Fosse to the A's and he went on to have some decent seasons after leaving Cleveland.



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