Monday, September 14, 2015


You know, I never even realized that Jim "Mudcat" Grant was missing a card in the 1970 set until I started this blog.
So why not go ahead and give him one right here!
Allow me to post up my 1970 creation:

Can't really understand why Topps didn't include him since he appeared in 41 games in 1969, posting an 8-11 record with a 4.42 earned run average in 114 innings of work, split between the Montreal Expos and St. Louis Cardinals.
He'd go on to pitch two more seasons for the Oakland A's and Pittsburgh Pirates before retiring at the end of the 1971 season.
Overall he put in a nice 14-year career that saw him go 145-119 with a 3.63 ERA and 1267 strikeouts over 571 games and 2442 innings pitched.
His finest season was 1965 for the American League champ Minnesota Twins when he finished with a 21-7 record, the win total leading the league, as well as leading in winning percentage (.750) and shutouts (6).

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  1. If he was released after the 1969 season and was not signed by another club before Topps' layout deadline, at his age Topps probably assumed his career was over.

    The same thing happened to Junior Gilliam (missing from the '65 and '66 sets. Although he played the majority of both those seasons, the Dodgers had released him at the end of '64 and again after '65, then re-signed him the following Springs.)



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